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Tips For Grilling Fish: Get Perfect Results Every Time


The aroma of the barbecue is an alluring one -- hamburgers, steaks and hot dogs on the grill are a common summer sight to see (and smell), but when it comes to grilling fish, well not so much. It seems many people fear grilling fish for various reasons: fish is expensive, it can fall apart, it's hard to tell when it's done, etc. But once you've learned a few tips and tricks, grilling fish can be a cakewalk. We're sharing our secrets for grilling fish, one of the biggest being how to keep it from sticking. Browse the slideshow below to learn all the tips and tricks that will have you perfectly grilling fish at your next backyard barbecue.

Marinate The Fish

Fish-Grilling Tips

Main photo from GaryTube, Flickr.

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