Tips for Singles This Valentine's Day

The true spirit of Valentine's Day is to be around people that you love, whether they be friends, family or a significant other. For the singles crowd hoping to be in a relationship, there is no reason to be intimidated by the day and feel blue if you are unattached. The fact is that Valentine's is actually a perfect day to meet someone. Love is in the air and hearts are the theme of every decoration. February 14th should revolve around positivity both from within and reciprocally, towards the people around you. Singles, take this day to embrace your independence as well as focus on your priorities and strategies for finding the one. Since Valentine's Day falls on a long weekend this year, there is even more opportunity to seize the moment and make an action plan for finding love.

-Do not hibernate if you are single. Get your friends together and plan a night out. Valentine's Day will provide you with the perfect backdrop for romance! The secret to dating success is to be aware of who is around you in social settings. On the 14th look beyond the pairings of couples, and aim to spot tables with groups of guys or girls. Chances are they are the singles in the room. Cupid's arrow needs guidance, so make a pact with your friends to approach these circles and be the one to start conversation. 

- Use your singleness to your advantage. Host a party where all the people invited must bring along an unattached friend. Have everyone come with heart-shaped food and the dress code should include wearing red. Talk about matchmaking made easy!  Paying it forward usually provides dividends. Just because someone is not your prefect match does not mean they are not the right fit for one of your friends. Always introduce those around you and good karma will follow.

-Gift giving made easy. Why wait for someone to buy you something special? Indulge this year. Splurge on the outfit you've been drooling over. Plan a getaway, or treat yourself to a day of beauty. You deserve to feel your best and what better way to make that happen then to initiate it on your own! 

- Accept a date. Don't stay home just because you are not in a relationship. If you've been on the fence about someone or are really looking to get to know each other better, this day provides you with that chance, so say "Yes" when asked out. Having a night on the town as a twosome on February 14th creates ambiance and plenty to laugh and talk about, not to mention great people watching. If the courtship moves forward there will be no excuse not to remember when it all began.

- Actively implement an action plan. No reason to stand on ceremony and wait for an invitation. If there is someone special that you have had your eye on, ask them out on Valentine's Day. The perfect icebreaker is to lightheartedly proclaim that the opportunity has finally presented itself to make a romantic reservation for two. For you social butterflies, use social networking to your advantage and post the details about a get together for your friends to see. Whether it be at an ice skating rink, bowling alley or a neighborhood pub, prod your couch potato peers out of their apartments to be where they can meet like-minded individuals. 

Valentine's Day is not just for the young or newly married. It is for everybody. For the singles out there, keep an open-mind about getting together with someone new, and be willing to give people a second chance. This is a feel good day, so lead with your heart, paving the way for Cupid to hit his mark in 2015.