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Tips for Staying Younger, Longer

The baby boomer population who despite their advancing years are refusing to get old.
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Warning: What you are about to read could very well extend your life by several years.

I would love this to be the very best article that you have ever read, however, being limited to 700 words and not wanting to peak too early, I will be satisfied with you simply adding 5 to 7 quality years to your life if you take the following words to heart. Bold? Not really, when you consider that is exactly what's happening for a growing segment of the baby boomer population who despite their advancing years are refusing to get old. They call themselves baby "zoomers," a clever and punny nickname that captures this group's active lifestyles and their indomitably youthful spirits.

Fact: Baby boomers represent the largest segment of our population.
Fact: Another baby boomer will turn 65 every seven seconds for the next 20 years.
Fact: A leopard can carry twice its weight up into a tree. And no that is not relevant here, but it's impressive nonetheless.

So, what is happening in this mutantly healthy group of seniors? How are they doing what they are doing, especially when the overall health of our country has become epidemically bad? How is it that this group is side stepping the conventional 17 daily medications, terminally sedimentary lifestyle and perverse early demise that is plaguing the great majority of their peers? Well, according to recent research, (Read: me asking people who fall into this category what their secret is.) I found some interesting tips that we all can do to insure our admittance into this elite club.

Have inter-generational relationships.
They say that if you want to get to know someone, take a look at their friends. Zoomers are not generationally bound and it is making all the difference. They don't get caught up in "how it used to be" but rather are curious about the new things that the youth are into. This group is childlike in their openness to new experiences and ideas. Zoomers may have preferences but they know true wisdom lies in the fact that learning is an elixir of youth. And who better to learn about being young, than from people who are young.

Have a passionate cause you work for or with.
Zoomers have found a purpose that is greater than themselves. They are contributing to society as a whole in some way or another and are genuinely concerned with leaving the world in better shape for the generations to come. They volunteer, they give back, they have businesses that are doing good on the planet and they have found ways to creatively share their skills with others.

Practice preventative health care.
Zoomers treat their bodies like fine automobiles. They know that taking care of their body before a problem occurs is way easier than waiting till something goes wrong. Just like an expensive car they give their bodies the best fuel (that means a healthy diet). They make sure fluids are maintained (that means they're drinking water.) And most importantly they have a maintenance plan. That includes daily exercise, and regular visits to their natural health care professional and lots of sex. (And by sex I mean fruits and vegetables but I wanted to make sure you were still paying attention and while not verified I would imagine that this is indeed yet another perk the "zoomers" are enjoying.)

Seriously, while we all are getting older, we don't all have to grow old. One of my favorite quotes is, "It's not the number of years in your life, but the life in your years that counts." But what if you could have more years and more life? Why settle for a glass that's half full, when you can go for full, full? For more health tips that will have you feeling better naturally in no time, visit us at

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