Tips for The Over 40 Newly Single

For whatever reason, you've found yourself single. If you are over 40, you have probably realized by now that the game has changed a bit. Maybe you haven't been single for years. Maybe you can't begin to imagine where to start and you have zero interest in hitting the club or joining some online dating clearinghouse. Here are some unique tips for the newly single.

Take an Expectation Vacation

Men are three times more likely to find a woman of interest the first time out than women are to find a man. Rather than seeking a soul mate the first time out, women should be open to just meeting interesting new people.

Snap the Confidence Gap

Mature single women are more confident and discerning than men when first "interviewing" a prospective date. Men should be aware of coming across as either under- or over-confident.

Read the Subtext

Over-40 singles prefer a personal approach, not texting and social media in a group setting. Men who initiate a first date via text feel shut down when women don't respond, while women feel a text shows no real effort from the man. Consider an alternative.

Break the Laws of Attraction

Though mature daters still want to look good, physical appearance is less the top priority. Those who have once felt "I'm not in their league" aesthetically may now find the object of their interest has a different criteria for what is attractive.

Don't Ask

Mature couples are less likely to be public about a new relationship early on. Be a supportive friend and avoid seeking too much detail.

Single again can be stressful or it can be a new and possibly fun experience. Try a new approach to being single and you may find that you start to enjoy this new adventure. Keep an open mind and be sure to smell the flowers along the way.