8 Tricks Messy People Need To Know, According To An Organizing Expert

Because you need help.

Getting organized ― and staying organized ― is no small task. It can take hours (or even days) just to get one room looking neat and tidy. And if you’re someone who is, er, messy, then getting organized is all the more daunting.

So, we decided to chat with professional organizer and home design consultant Haya Kramer to find out all the tips and tricks she has for messy people looking to get organized. Kramer founded design firm Graylane Solutions and makes a living turning cluttered spaces into beautiful, functional interiors.

For all of you who skipped out on spring cleaning this year, it’s time to listen up. Here are eight tricks messy people need to know, according to an organizing expert:

1. Start small.

Taking on an organizing project can become overwhelming very quickly. Focus on one area of your room and take it one task at a time. For example, start with your underwear drawer. Once that’s finished, move on to the next small section of your room.

2. Make piles.

You should have three in total: Donate, keep and recycle.

3. Put like with like.

Important documents should be put away with other important documents, same goes for memorabilia and clothing.Your bottle of Advil should not be in the same drawer as your T-shirts.

4. Clear bins are a beautiful thing.

Storing items in clear boxes and bins makes it so much easier to find what you’re looking for and stay organized.

5. Get rid of the PLASTIC.

Clothing, like humans, needs to breathe, so rip that dry cleaning plastic right off! Pro tip: Make a knot at the bottom of your dry cleaning bag and voila, you have a trash bag to haul away your donated clothing.

6. Invest in good hangers.

Hangers make a difference. Wire hangers result in misshapen clothing and holes, not to mention they’re bad for the environment. Using uniform hangers helps to keep clothing at the same eye line so you can see what you have. It also limits the chances of having items drag on the floor and collect dust. Slim hangers, like these huggable hangers, are space-savers and you can stack or layer them when needed.

7. Get creative with how you store items.

This doesn’t not mean you should be storing your shoes in the oven, but try using all the dead space in a room ― like the back of the door. Also, put hooks everywhere and use them to store scarves, chunky necklaces, hats and light purses.

8. Hire a professional.

Organizing is more complicated than you may think and it doesn’t come easily to everyone. A professional organizer can quickly pick up on what is and isn’t working and adjust things in a way that works for different individuals and different lifestyles.

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