Tips to Network Like a Pro and Grow Your Small Business

Tips to Network Like a Pro and Grow Your Small Business
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People want to buy products and services from businesses run by people they like, know and trust. This means that as a small business owner, your personal network becomes your net worth in business. You must work at building great word of mouth about your business -- to grow sales and encourage customers to come back for more. Growing your business with repeat customers will ensure it'll be around for the long haul. If you're not paying attention to building and maintaining your network, your sales will dry up, leaving you scrambling to find new customers. How do you create a new referral stream? You hit the ground running at networking events and build new relationships. Here are some tips to network like a pro and grow your small business.

Have a Plan for the Networking Event

When you buy a ticket to an event, you should immediately pick out key targets in advance to build your network. Look at the invitation, the host committee or board list to figure out who you might want to meet. Take a friend and split up so you can work both sides of the room.

Create a Networking Goal

When you attend a networking event, focus on meeting only five quality contacts. The reason for this is that you only have a small amount of time to follow up with new people, so five is a manageable number.

The Reception is the Event

Any event you attend that has a reception, as far as I am concerned, is the main event. You need to be early and be ready to network with a great elevator pitch. Focus on using my "X+Y=Z" method. Develop a memorable sentence that explains," I do X for Y target audience and deliver Z results."

Be More Interested, Than Interesting

When it comes to networking, focus on listening first. It's all about "Give to Get". You should seek to serve before even thinking about making a sale. We all have two ears and one mouth for a reason, start by listening and seek to help, then your new contact will of course treat you the same way.

No Drive-by Networking

One thing that drives me crazy at a networking event is when someone walks up to me, when I am standing with a small group, and without speaking, hands me a business card. If I have no idea who the person is, I am surely going to trash the card. ONLY give a business card when asked for one.

Your Fortune is in Your Follow-up

Once you meet a new contact, particularly if it's a warm or hot lead, you have just 48 hours to reach out to them and follow-up. I would start by connecting via LinkedIn, and then send an email or call to make an appointment. Hand written notes are great too, if you are in the same town as your contact. Networking follow up is all about speed to keep you business top of mind.

You Can't Bring Your A Game in Your B Suit!

Presentation is EVERYTHING! When you attend a networking event, you should look like someone that your target audience should be talking to. You should look like money and success to get attention. Ladies, be careful not to go too tight or short and men, make sure your shoes are perfectly shined.

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