Tips to Overcome Abstract Reasoning Test Successfully

Abstract Reasoning Test is a kind of test that is often used in companies in Australia. This article will give you an overview of this type of test, examples, and tips to successfully pass this test.

What is Abstract Reasoning Test?

When you encounter a test listing images, numbers, letters, sequence of events and asking you to figure out the pattern, guess what happens next, it is called Abstract Reasoning Test.

The aim is to test your thinking about realizing the rules, patterns for problem solving and decision making.

The test will show your ability to proceed with data and information, detect patterns and relationships between them, then offer solutions to problems at a level of abstract thinking.

Typically, companies asking candidates to do this test to look for the following skills in the candidates:

  • Be able to understand the meaning behind the information and data. For example, the Statue of Liberty in the United States is not simply a statue, but a symbol of freedom.
  • Be able to grasp abstract theory about a certain phenomenon. You can introduce the concept and overview of different data.
  • Identify relationships, connections between discrete ideas. For example, you can find patterns of customer behavior through changes over time.

An Abstract Reasoning Test example

Here are some typical images from an Abstract Reasoning Test.

(Image source: Aptitude-test)

You are asked to select the next image that best matches the pattern of the previous images. Your task is to observe and analyze to identify a pattern to be able to select the next image.

You will be given a limited time period. This requires you to analyze information quickly and accurately in a short time.

In addition, the difficulty will increase gradually through each question. This means you need to identify many more patterns and their complexity will increase.

The other question types

Reasoning: In addition to questions about how to identify the pattern over the image, you will encounter questions related to the diagram. You are given a diagram to identify the rules. Then you apply the rules listed to apply to a different diagram to solve the problem. You would need analytical skills, critical thinking and the ability to relate to the symbols to find out the answer.

Given this flow diagram:

Identify what x equals here:

Answer: E

Explanation: When you look on the diagram, the black square turns into the white circle after going through the process in between. It means that there are two changing factors. They are shape and color. Therefore, in the answer, the black circle turns into the white square.

(Image source: LSE)

Diagramming: You will be given the instructions and know the rules in advance. Then you will see the commands as requested and proceed with information. Finally, you give the correct answer.

Given these commands:

And this sequence of diagrams and commands:

Which of these sequences of diagrams would be produced by following the commands on the sequence above?

Answer: D

(Image source: LSE)

In this example, to be able to pick out the correct answer, you should be able to interpret the information and grasp the meaning of these commands. Then, based on that sense, you apply in order to find the most accurate diagram.

Tips to overcome Abstract Reasoning Test successfully

To be able to quickly identify the pattern, you need to compare each factor between images and information. Factors here include the size, location, color, angles, movement and you compare it with other factors to identify certain rules between them.

Also, there are many books and guides provided this test, you should buy and practise tests regularly. Over time, you will recognize the pattern faster.

To avoid boredom, you should invite your friends to practise with you. You can participate in a competition to train your reflexes. This is actually an interesting test for you. You will become more passionate as you become better.

You can practise analyzing information by looking at the financial statements, statistical tables of human behavior on social networks. Then try to find the meaning through the raw data.

Moreover, to be able to finish a test in time, you need to focus on core aspects of a question. Distinguish between the important elements and those elements not relevant. If you caught a very hard sentence, you could skip to the next sentence and do it. For such difficult questions, you can observe the answers to find the rule.

Companies often use Abstract Reasoning Test in recruitment include KPMG, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, McDonald, Ernst & Young, Deloitte.

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