Tips to Save (Face) this X-mas

A bitch loves any excuse for a party (ask us about Uncle Tim's indictment soirée), but let's set some ground rules. All good parties have an element of a Bacchanal, but remember, freedom isn't really free.

If you follow these simple rules, you can reduce the physical, psychological, and financial hangover that Christmas can lead to.

1) Eggnog. We LOVE eggnog, especially when someone's spiked it with rum and grated fresh nutmeg on top. Eggnog is basically spiced cream. With the addition of rum, you have alcoholic butter! What's not to like? Well, anything that goes down that easily can do some stealthy damage. If you get suckered in, you won't be the first person to wake up with a custard-yellow mustache and a blinding headache. OK, we know what you're going to say... "why didn't you tell us before the office Holiday party?" Well, why didn't you tell Mike from Accounting that his mistletoe belt buckle doesn't fly on casual Friday?

2) Be generous. We know you can think of someone beside yourself. Head over to help out at a shelter or an old age home. Serving others will make you feel divine and should keep your face out of the eggnog bowl.

3) No last-minute shopping additions. This is critical advice. We know the guilt over the bookstore remainder purchases is growing. Sorry, but it's a little late. No running out on Christmas Eve for 'thoughtful' presents; you'll only be compounding your already costly error. Suck it up, there's always next year.

4) Holidays are time to reach out to friends and family--even people who make you crazy. Why don't you take time to finally write to your congressperson? Health care insanity got your panties in a bunch? It should. Let loose (all that eggnog should help). Take a stand. Add one more address to your Christmas e-card pile.