This Queer Couple Shares Their Beautiful Vision Of Love And Marriage

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One of our favorite high-visibility queer couples recently took part in a Ted Talk where they discussed how they fell in love and their relationship with the institution of marriage, as well traditional notions of family.

Tiq Milan and Kim Katrin Milan are queer artists, activist and educators ― and they also happen to be a married couple. In this Ted Talk, the two unpack the complicated relationship that many queer people have with marriage and family, and how the two hope they can be a “model of possibility” for other queer people.

“We quickly realized that our coming together was more than just a union of two people, but a model of possibility for the millions of LGBTQ folks who have been sold this lie that family and matrimony is antithetical to who they are,” Tiq notes. “For those of us who rarely get to see ourselves reflected in love and happiness.”

Check out the Ted Talk above to hear more or head here to read a HuffPost Queer Voices interview with Tiq Milan from May 2016.



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