The (Possible) Birthplace Of Tiramisu In Treviso, Italy (PHOTOS)

On your next trip to Venice--because of course there will be a next trip--hop on up to Treviso some 40 minutes to the north.

"Little Venice," as it's called by locals, offers much to see, including old mansions and museums not to mention vineyards and hillsides.

But it's also becoming famous for its food: The town is laying claim to being the birthplace of tiramisu, that fluffy and fabulous dessert. The president of Veneto, the region in which Treviso lies, is angling for official recognition of the dessert's provenance at a restaurant in town called Alle Beccherie. “It’s like pizza in Napoli,” the president, Luca Zaia, said. “We are going to present a dossier to obtain a declaration that tiramisu is a typical Treviso dish, to combat the many imitations that you find elsewhere.”

Food is clearly important to Italians--and the preservation of said food even more so--so we're inclined to let them duke it out amongst themselves.

In the meantime, here are some beautiful photos of Treviso and the dessert in question.

Treviso, Italy