Teen Allegedly Hit With Tire Iron After Standing Up For Bullied Taco Bell Employees

A Minnesota boy was hit with a tire iron after trying to stop an altercation over a wrong order at a Taco Bell, police say.

St. Paul teen Nikko Senn, 15, was beat over the head with a tire iron after defending Taco Bell employees who were being harassed by three customers last Tuesday, the Pioneer Press reports.

Laresha Marie Uting and her friends, identified in a criminal complaint as "BJ" and "Guns," were "belligerent and swore at staff" after pulling into a drive through window and complaining that staff got their order wrong. Uting and her friends then came into the store.

That's when Senn -- who told CBS Minnesota he is a seven-year regular at the establishment -- stepped in to confront the bullies. One man allegedly started swinging at Senn. When the victim's friends began recording on their phones, Uting allegedly grabbed a tire iron and handed it to "Guns," who is accused of hitting the teen in the head, causing him to bleed.

“If it had to happen again, I’d [step in] in a heartbeat,” Senn told the station.

As the group left, they allegedly assaulted a 34-year-old customer walking into the store.

Uting was the only one charged by police, facing a felony count of second-degree riot with a dangerous weapon.

“They could have had anything -- a knife, a gun,” Senn's mother told CBS. “I’m very proud of my son for having that kind of respect for people.”