Most Workers Feel Tired At Work, Survey Shows

Tired At Work? You're Not Alone

Are you at work right now and totally exhausted? You're probably not alone.

A new survey of 1,139 employees from three companies in the U.S. shows that 76 percent of workers feel tired many days of the week, and 15 percent even fall asleep during the day at least once per week.

The survey was conducted in November 2013 by Virgin Pulse and vielife. (Editor's note: Virgin Pulse provides health and wellness incentives for AOL employees.) All of the study participants had completed a vielife sleep assessment.

Nearly one-third of people in the survey said they were unhappy or very unhappy with their sleep quality or quantity, the survey showed.

Room temperature was cited as the most common environmental disruptor to sleep, with 85.2 percent reporting this as a disruptor, followed by the participant's partner (71.9 percent), noise (68.6 percent) and too bright light (52.8 percent). Mattress issues were reported as a disruptor by 40 percent of people, and young children were reported as a disruptor by 35.9 percent. Medical issues were also reported as a disruptor by 10.2 percent.

Overall, the biggest things keeping people awake at night included worry and stress, physical discomfort, mental activity and environmental disruptors. With regard to worry and stress, they found that common worries included problems with family, deadlines at work, negative things that happened during the day, and being afraid of missing the next morning's alarm.

Other findings from the survey included the fact that nearly 55 percent of respondents said that they slept more during the weekend than during the week. In addition, waking at least once during the night was reported by 80 percent of the respondents (more than one-third of the respondents reported waking up at least twice a night).

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