Tired Of Telling Their Kids To 'Be Careful,' Parents Stage 'Risky' Photo Shoot

Check out these whimsical, Photoshop-free pictures.

Ania Waluda and Michal Zawer made a name for themselves in 2015 with their whimsical newborn pictures. Now they’re back with some striking new family photos.

The Polish photographers enjoy doing projects with their kids ― 2-year-old Emilia and 4-year-old Lenny. Their latest series indulges the kids’ penchant for getting into dangerous situations.

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“We say things like ‘Don’t do this,’ ‘Be careful,’ and ‘Don’t hurt yourself’ too often,” Waluda told HuffPost. “And so we thought that we better spend some quality time together and let our kids do anything they want instead of constantly stopping them from doing risky or dangerous things.”

The photographers didn’t use Photoshop (and didn’t actually put their kids in danger, either) but instead relied on some perspective tricks.

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”We were just lying on a mattress, and the pics were taken from above,” Waluda explained.

“I guess I had the most difficult part. It’s not so easy to look OK when you lie on a bed while somebody is taking pics from above and you’re not a super model,” she joked. “But for kids it was quite easy. They didn’t have to do much.”

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Waluda said her kids enjoyed taking “flying pictures,” though they don’t like posing for normal “boring” photos, as they say. “This time, Emilia and Lenny were truly amazed to see themselves doing one hand handstand or overhead kick,” the mom added.

Ultimately, the parents hope people enjoy their family photos. Said Waluda, “We always hope to entertain people, make them stop and think, even if for a tiny moment, and maybe inspire them to do similar things.”

To see more of the couple’s creative photos, visit their blog.

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