Tirza Magana Allegedly Caught On Nanny Cam Suffocating Child

Surveillance footage recorded by suspicious parents allegedly shows their nanny suffocating their infant, carrying her by the head and throwing her into the crib, according to KHOU.

Police arrested Tirza Magana last week after seeing the video provided by a Houston couple who thought something might be amiss, because their 7-month-old girl was acting strangely.

The apparent mistreatment of the baby girl occurred on the first day the unidentified parents used the nanny cam to secretly monitor her, KTRK says.

Magana is seen in the video covering the baby's nose and mouth and "applying pressure." In another, she dangles the child's body by carrying her by the head, according to KTRK.

A doctor who reviewed the footage said the infant was "at risk for suffocation and/or neck or spine injury due to the actions" of Magana, according to an arrest warrant cited by the Chronicle.

The couple employed Magana, 48, for five months. She's been charged with child endangerment and posted $10,000 bond on Friday.

Police claim that Magana admitted to suffocating the child several times a day for a month.

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