'Tis The Season To Enjoy Your Divorce

Now that you got rid of the Grinch (a.k.a. your ex), it's time to spread some holiday cheer.
12/21/2011 03:03pm ET | Updated February 20, 2012
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Recent divorcees should not feel down during their first holiday season alone. If you have children, it's important to keep an upbeat attitude not only for their sake, but also for yourself. I'm a believer that it's better to have no company than bad company. Now that you got rid of the Grinch (a.k.a. your ex), it's time to spread some holiday cheer.

Over the holidays, your children will probably spend a few days with your ex. While that's the reality, it shouldn't deter from your overall feeling of joy and happiness during this wonderful time of the year. Look at this alone time as an opportunity to get back in touch with yourself and enjoy the things that you like doing most. Being a busy single mother, you may not think that you will ever have the opportunity for a special holiday time-out. Well, you do! In fact, there are some simple pleasures that people usually take for granted that you should make part of your holiday this year. While the weather outside may be frightful, here's a list of some things to do that will surely be delightful:

A Merry Mani-Pedi: After wrapping gifts, baking cookies and putting up decorations, your nails have probably seen better days. Spend a day at your local spa for a mani-pedi and a massage. It's important to treat yourself once in a while and this is one of those musts for a busy mom on her holiday break.

Press Send: A lot of new divorcees are hesitant to send out a holiday greeting card on their own now that they're single. I suggest enjoying your holiday freedom. If you haven't sent out a card yet, get busy like one of Santa's helpers and design your own e-card. When you press send and it goes to all of your friends, it's another step towards moving on.

Relax By The Home-Fire: This is a great opportunity to lay on your couch with a peppermint latte and read a new book. Or, hit up your DVR and watch a movie that you missed. You can also catch up on all of the reality shows you love. The reality for you this holiday is to put up your feet and relax!

Holiday Cocktail: Get together with the girls and some fellow divorcees to have a holiday cocktail together. Click your glasses and have a laugh because it's been a long year and you survived a divorce. Doesn't an eggnog martini sound good? Mmmm.

Lap Dance For Santa: After you're done with dinner and you've had a cocktail, head over to the mall and get your photo taken on Santa's lap. I promise this will make you and your friends smile and laugh. You probably had a photo of you and your ex on Santa's lap. Getting one alone is the ultimate sign of moving on. Put this up on Facebook and watch the "likes" fly in faster than Santa's reindeer.

Real Deals: The very best sales happen right after Christmas. That jacket you've been eyeing or the dress you've been wanting might actually be on sale. You bought gifts for everyone else, so now it's time for Miss Clause to fill her own stocking with something special.

Give Back: Giving back is what the holiday's are all about. This is the time of year that many families are out of work and struggling. Give something to your local toy drive. Or, go to your local food bank and volunteer to hand out food and serve meals to those in need over this holiday.