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"Tis the season to plant seeds; what seeds do you want to plant this season?"

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"Tis the season to plant seeds; what seeds do you want to plant this season?"
Rev. Peter E. Bauer
The season of Lent continues, the days are getting lengthened, the light is becoming brighter at 6:30 AM when I leave for work. As the weather gets warmer, and the cold overnight temperatures diminish, there are more thoughts about what I might plant for a garden.
I have a large plot for a garden on my property. It is fenced and I have a wooden gate that enters into the space and wooden canopy over the garden space. Every year, in the Spring, my wife and I will rotor till the soil and then we will rake it clean, like a Zen rock garden, in order to prepare the soil for plant.
There have been years when we have sowed a lot of seeds, mostly zucchini, beets, peas, and planting several tomato plants. We have also used grass clippings and even shredded newspapers to cover the rows between plants for weed control. We do our best to water regularly, but one thing we can't control is the temperature.
Sure as the rotation of the planet, you can't second guess what will happen with the weather. I can plant seeds in February or May and can expect to see healthy plants growing in April and May. But by June, things can get more dicey. Meaning, the temperatures will rise in the early to mid- 90's. Even with a fair degree of watering, it's always a gamble for me to expect any type of decent return on garden produce after the Fourth of July. This has been my reality here in South Texas. However, it hasn't discouraged my desire to attempt to grow a decent garden.
I'm wondering what type of seeds would you like to plant in your life this year ? Lent is a time for reflection, self-appraisal, which can sound ominous if not scary to some people. What could be needed for you or me in terms of relationships with others, devoting some time to helping those who are in need, or investing some time in just being quiet and listening for the voice of our inner life or the natural world around us ?
I see a good deal of deer running on country back roads in my community; also several different kinds of birds including Cardinals, and the occasional dead skunk. I was even surprised one morning seeing a large wild boar run across the road several car lengths in front of my car fortunately. The wildlife remind me, of course, that I'm not the only one here. I share this earth with them. I share the roads and the land, whether I like it or not.
My life is enriched when I realize that I am interconnected with others. I am blessed when I know that what I do, what I say, a sermon that I preach, a therapy session that I conduct, an article that I write really has a positive effect upon others. When this happens, the possibility of transformation is present for others and for myself.
So what are the areas of transformation that need to occur for you, that need to occur for me ? The cycle of birth and death and resurrection is ever on-going. We never really arrive at a place of completion in our lives. We are forever evolving and we are forever a work in progress.
This Lent, this Spring, I will prepare the soil of my garden again. I will plant seeds. I will prepare rows, try my best to control weeding and even try harder to water several times per week. This gets very tricky when the temperature gets very hot and the work days get very long. All the while, I will be contemplating what further growth needs to occur for me and for the people that I love.
Maybe, this season can also be a time for you to consider what you would like to cultivate in your own life, maybe some more peace, compassion, willingness to listen patiently and attentively, willingness to do for others and to share of your resources with others and a real willingness to listen for the still small voice of God in us to remind us that we are a part of a greater whole creation.
May the seeds that you and I plant grow to fruition and bloom and produce profoundly in our lives now and always.
May it be so.

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