100th Anniversary Of Titanic Voyage Commemorated By Twitter, Groupon

Don't worry, Rose, no one is letting go of the Titanic anytime soon. This April marks the 100th anniversary of the catastrophe, and the Internet is marking the occasion in all sorts of ways.

@TitanicRealTime seeks to recreate the ship's voyage via Twitter. Some tweets are from the captain's point of view, while some are from the perspective of the crew, the engineering team and others involved with the legendary cruiseliner. Tags indicate who is speaking in each tweet.

The tweets begin on March 10, "Exactly a month before Titanic's journey begins." So far, the tweets are fairly realistic, with officers and crew excitedly tweeting about the features of the ship. How @TitanicRealTime handles the actual sinking has yet to be seen -- will the officers be tweeting as they struggle to control a panicked crowd? Will Captain E.J. Smith issue a farewell tweet before he goes down with the ship? Will steerage-class passengers complain about being trapped belowdecks, or will they not be able to get reception?

In case a virtual Titanic experience is simply not enough, diehard enthusiasts now have the opportunity to visit the shipwreck at a discount. Offered by Deep Ocean Expeditions, the tour normally runs for $59,680 a person, but is currently available for $12,500 on Groupon.

The Groupon package includes airfare to and from St. John's, Newfoundland, accommodations for the trip's duration, a 13-day round-trip ocean voyage to the Titanic's wreck site, meals while at sea, lectures by scientists and experts on the Titanic, and, most importantly, a deep-sea exploration of the wreck itself.

What more could a Titanic aficionado ask for? Buyers will also receive a DVD of James Cameron's "Titanic" signed by professional Leonardo DiCaprio impersonator Frank Lloyd Roberts. Which name he will be signing is not specified.