Expect Something As 'Delicious' As 'Peeno Noir' On Season 3 Of 'Kimmy Schmidt'

Actor Tituss Burgess said the upcoming season will be better than ever.

Season 3 of the Netflix hit “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” starts filming on Tuesday and it seems like the show has plenty of hilarious moments in store. 

Tituss Burgess, who stars alongside Jane Krakowski, Ellie Kemper and Carol Kane on the Tina Fey comedy, stopped by The Huffington Post on Thursday and teased the upcoming season. The Emmy-nominated actor told HuffPost’s Lauren Moraski that the newest season will tackle many of the burning questions that viewers likely have since the second season aired. 

“It is fast and furious. Cliffhangers get answered right away,” he said. 

Best perhaps the best tidbit he revealed is that his character Titus Andromedon has some sort of follow-up to his hilarious Season 1 rendition of “Peeno Noir,” which quickly became one of the most quotable parts of the show. 

“There is the promise of something coming from my character that will be as delicious as ‘Peeno Noir,’ if not more satisfying,” he said.

Burgess said he “never” gets tired of being asked to sing the song and even showed off his impressive vocal chops by he belting out a little bit of the tune.

Check out the video above to hear it all happen and watch his full interview below. 



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