T.J. Holmes Pulled Over: 'Driving While Black Ain't No Joke!'

Former CNN host T.J. Holmes was pulled over on Monday, and documented the experience over Twitter.

Holmes did not indiciate where he was driving, but tweeted that he was pulled over one mile from his house with two cop cars behind him. He snapped a photograph of a police car in his rear view mirror with the caption "Driving while black ain't no joke!"

Holmes tweeted updates from the side of the road over the course of ten minutes. He wrote that the officer was "stumbling over his words trying to explain" why he was pulled over. "This is a damn shame," Holmes wrote.

Holmes later added that the officer said he "wanted to make sure [Holmes] had insurance on the car." Holmes commented, "I kid you not." He then mocked the experience, tweeting that he "managed to avoid jail time" but his "relationship with _____ County police may have been soured a bit."

Holmes, who left CNN for BET Networks in December 2011, will debut his new show later this year. His show is expected to be a late night, comedic news show titled, "Don't Sleep With T.J. Holmes."



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