TJ Maxx Now Sells Plus-Size Clothing On Its Website

TJ Maxx has long been praised for offering discounted designer duds and luxe beauty products, among many other things. Now, if possible, the store just got even better.

The brand launched its first ever online plus-size section on Thursday, giving "Maxxinistas" of all shapes and sizes an opportunity to find a bargain from the comfort of their own homes.

TJ Maxx has always been one of the few retailers that gets it right when it comes to clothing in a broad range of sizes, so the move into digital space is not surprising. What may surprise many people is the fact that TJ Maxx sells clothing online at all. Who knew?!

Check out some of the store's new offerings below, and head to to shop.

Those red clearance tags will give you a rush!
You can always find the shoes you want in your size.
The handbags are arranged by colors, making it easy for you to find that red purse you're searching for.
They sell affordable and cute workout gear so you can exercise like a champ.
The jewelry counter is always alluring.
You won't spot a wall of scarves this impressive anywhere else.
Kenneth Cole, Cole Haan and Oscar de la Renta sunglasses for under $20? Take three pairs!
You'll discover luxury items like this Hermes watch. Fancy, huh?
TJ Maxx is where Betsey Johnson lives... and by that, we mean her wildly printed handbags.
This place is a beauty fanatic's dream.
You can grab one of the many cute notebooks near the checkout counter to write out your shopping list for next time.
You may stumble upon a pair of Christian Louboutin heels. Just watch your back!
Fancy fragrance gift sets are selling for low-low prices.
Their carry-on luggage offerings simply can't be beat.
Here is proof that you can find denim for under 20 bucks.
For those girls that can't live without their flat irons, you can get a CHI for cheap.
If you get tired from all that shopping, rest up in the housewares aisle. No one will find you under the pillows.