'Silicon Valley's' TJ Miller Dishes On His Painful Proposal To Kate Gorney

TJ Miller, who currently stars in HBO's "Silicon Valley", has a warning for all the guys and gals out there who are planning to propose: it's harder than it looks.

"What they don't tell you is that when you get down on your knee to propose just don't do it so quickly," Miller told Conan O'Brian, referring to his recent engagement to actress Kate Gorney.

"It was concrete, it was under this rock ... I went down fast, I went down hard, and it hurt so much. But you have to hide that because it's a really romantic moment so I was like 'Ahhhh will you Kate ... grahhh ... will you Kate, will you make me the happiest ... ahhhh.'"

Luckily for Miller, his excruciating pain didn't totally ruin the moment. "She said 'yes', which was really exciting," Miller told Conan. "Well she didn't say 'yes,' she said 'okay'."

Watch the video above for more.

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