T.J. Miller, Nix Brothers And Andy Juett Interviewed On Denver Diatribe About Hilarious 'Denver' Video

This week on the Denver Diatribe podcast, hosts Ron, Josh and Vanessa are joined by the hilarious T.J. Miller, Andy Juett and filmmakers Adam and Evan Nix, to discuss the making of Miller's new song and music video, "Denver."

Miller is a comic performer originally from Denver and now a living in Los Angeles, Juett is a local comedy performer and producer and the Nix Bros. -- Adam and Evan -- are the directors of "Denver" and some of the funniest comedy videos in town.

LISTEN to the Denver Diatribe's latest show featuring Miller, the Nix Bros., and Andy Juett:

Promoting Miller's new comedy album The Extended Play E.P., which features the "Denver" song and dozens more, the video premiered at "Film on the Rocks" last week before a screening of "Bridesmaids" to a sold out crowd. On Sunday night, Miller screened the video again at Denver Improv and handed out copies of his new comedy album after he headlined a show that featured many of the Denver comics featured in the video.

The Huffington Post recently chatted with Miller, the brothers Nix, Juett about the making of "Denver," read our interview here.

Check out T.J. Miller's comedy album The Extended Play E.P. on Spotify