T.J. Miller's Rap Video, Also Called 'T.J. Miller,' Is The Opposite Of Most Rap Videos (VIDEO)

WATCH: T.J. Miller's Newest Rap Video, Also Called 'T.J. Miller'

Not every comedian has the audacity to release a rap video. And even fewer would release a rap video for a song that has their own name as the title. But T.J. Miller is breaking the mold with his new video, "T.J. Miller," a wildly entertaining spectacle whose central gag seems to be that Miller would even consider putting this much time and money into a rap that's mostly a series of joke-filled non-brags about himself.

"I'm like FEMA / I always come late," T.J. raps in the first video off his 41-track rap album, "The Extended Play LP." "I'm like Puerto Rico, I'm not really a state."

The song "T.J. Miller" barely has a point beyond Miller making witty (and some just plain odd) comparisons about himself to other things, and Miller seems well aware of the strangeness of the song -- as clever and funny as he is, Miller isn't an especially good rapper, either. But the video is so visually appealing, it's easy to watch the lyrics flow out of Miller's mouth as he undergoes dozens of non-sequitur costume changes and introduces plenty of unexplained characters to deliver and illustrate his rhymes. At the start of the video, T.J. wears a hoodie and hops around in an empty warehouse, reminding one of the video for "Freaks And Geeks" by Childish Gambino, another comedian-turned-rapper -- although Donald Glover's hip-hop alter ego is notably more earnest than Miller's.

If you're unfamiliar with Miller's comedy right now, you likely will not stay that way for long. In addition to supporting parts in a wide range of movies like "Cloverfield," "Yogi Bear" to "Our Idiot Brother," Miller's first Comedy Central special, "No Real Reason," premiered last year. It was also just announced that he will host the stand-up series "Mash Up" on Comedy Central.

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