20 Awkward Breakups That Give Us Secondhand Embarrassment

Let's face it -- breakups are inherently awkward. If you're not a big fan of death glares and uncomfortable silences, you're better off just staying put in that relationship of yours.

But breakups can also be really, really funny, as Jimmy Fallon reminded us Thursday. The "Tonight Show" host asked his 11.9 million Twitter followers to weigh in with their most #awkwardbreakup and naturally -- since he's Jimmy Fallon -- the hashtag started to trend like crazy.

Always the good sport, Fallon started things off by divulging his most awkward breakup:

Pretty painful, but the tweets that followed were just as funny. Some of our favorites?

The breakup that was just unacceptable:

The breakup that came with a consolation prize:

The breakup that coincided with an unfortunate tattoo unveiling:

The breakup followed by this text:

Check out the slideshow below for more of our favorites, then head to the comments and share with us the breakup from your past that still gives you nightmares.

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