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TLC's 'Insane Bathrooms' Features A Jaw-Dropping (And Potentially Painful) Mosaic Installation (VIDEO)

The designer insists it's not dangerous, but we're... skeptical.

Last week, TLC premiered the show "Insane Bathrooms," featuring several over-the-top loos that had us reeling. But one that particularly stood out belonged to Baltimore-based mixed media artist Loring Cornish who transformed his entire rowhouse by covering it from top to bottom with shards of glass and tile. But, his most prized masterpiece is clearly the mosaic bathroom.

The gleaming bits of mirror that coat the entire space and all of the necessary fixtures make it feel like you're standing inside a giant kaleidoscope ... and it also looks a bit dangerous. Although, Cornish insists that the grout smooths the sharp edges, making it possible to walk barefoot on the floor and (gasp!) bathe in the sparkling tub. This portion took him 60 painstaking hours to complete, and when asked about his process he told Baltimore Brew, “I just do it. I don’t plan it. I pick it and place it.” The rather, er, emotional artist was overzealous about the completion of the tub in particular: "I felt like it was the biggest thing in the world." Umm, alright.

Watch the video above and let us know in the comments if you would lather up in that glittering vessel. And click through through the slideshow below to see some pretty out-there toilets.

The Most Extreme Toilets

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