TLC Undercover Report Finds Cab Drivers Refuse Rides To Brooklyn And Queens

In an undercover operation involving college students, more than 360 cab drivers have been fined for refusing rides requiring long distances to outer boroughs, the Bronx, and even northern Manhattan.

The city's Taxi and Limousine Commission recruited college students to pose as regular passengers, who since September have hailed 1,330 cabs and were refused service 27 percent of the time.

NY1 spoke with one driver who defended the actions, "That's the problem is this. That when you come back you don't get any fare from there and the traffic is very jammed."

Still TLC Chairman David Yassky said there was no excuse for refusing service:

Our rules are crystal clear: a taxi passenger is entitled to go to any of the five boroughs. Our enforcement initiative is designed to make sure drivers understand that there will be a penalty for refusing service.

Those caught are facing a hefty $500 fine and were notified by mail.

Yassky, who was appointed to head the commission in May 2010, also cracked down on excessive honking in October by warning drivers to curb any uncalled honking that many angry residents had been complaining about. Otherwise if caught, face a $350 dollar fine.