T-Mobile... Or How Will AT&T and Verizon Deal With the Revolutionary John Legere?

I have a dream...

I have a dream that I am sitting in the boardroom of AT&T observing a gaggle of disgruntled old men grumbling "Goddamn socialist" under their breaths as they watch John Legere denigrate them in this video with ditties such as "AT&T, those greedy bastards!" and "This is the checked bag fee of the wireless industry!"

Actually, Legere going on Youtube and stating that AT&T and Verizon "are always looking for ways to screw their customers out of extra money" has nothing to do with socialism - it is probably the most flagrant exercise of free market capitalism that we have seen in a long time. He's publicly challenging them.

I'd like to see how they respond.

My ten year anniversary as a T-Mobile customer is this month and I would not be surprised if Legere sent me a new iPhone with a handwritten 'Thank you' note - that's how bonkers he is. In the meantime, I have no contract with T-Mobile (can leave any time) and pay $50 per month for unlimited calling, unlimited texting, and unlimited data in America, Canada and Mexico (technically it is 1 gig of data at 4 megabytes per second and then 2 megabytes per second thereafter but I have never used more than 1 gig in a month - any way you slice it it comes out unlimited, it just may be a little slower at the end of the month if you surpass 1 gig).

And I spent a week in Amsterdam and Paris in April and came back to a whopping $8 of additional charges for using my phone just like I would have used it in the U.S. that week.

Yesterday I had friend return a phone message with an email stating "I'm in Canada - I can't call you - it's like $4 per minute). I wrote back, "Switch to T-Mobile. All calls are free from Canada."

Imagine how different the world would be if someone like Che Guevera became president of a powerful country and inspired others to new heights of justice and fairness? Well, that is what it is like having John Legere as CEO of a major corporation. His foresight is unparalleled and he is making all of the other carriers up their ante. If you are not already a T-Mobile customer and are tired of paying excessive penalties for anything you do outside of constrictive limits then maybe it is time to call T-Mobile?

Isn't it beautiful to witness one visionary's irreverent idealism change the world?

Bravo to John Legere!