TMZ For Kidz: Parody Site Turns Celebrity Gossip Into Child's Play

TMZ For Kids?

You may have seen past parodies we've posted pairing popular celeb gossip site TMZ with children (the Lil' TMZ playset, anyone?) but now there's an entire website devoted to the smallest of small talk: TMZ For Kidz!

In actuality, the parody site has no affiliation with, but does a great job re-creating its content around celebrity tweens, kids and yes, even babies. It's worth pointing out that kiddie versions of gossip sites do actually exist, and when you compare them to TMZ For Kidz, it's hard to tell which is the real thing and which is the parody.

But what TMZ For Kidz excels at is combining things like Dora The Explorer and the Bay Of Pigs invasion. They've also got the scoop on all the best Miley Cyrus headlines. Peek at one of our favorite stories below, and click over to the full site for all the pint-sized hilarity.

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