TMZ Mastermind Harvey Levin Is About To Learn What Bad Karma Is

And TMZ founder Harvey Levin is nervous.

Here’s some schadenfreude for you. The New Yorker is finalizing a big exposé about the controversial gossip site TMZ -- the place that made events like Britney Spears dropping the F-bomb into news by chasing down and harassing celebrities.

The magazine’s investigative piece was a year in the making, The Hollywood Reporter writes. Harvey Levin, the mastermind behind TMZ, is apparently nervous about what the piece holds -- or at least nervous enough to tell staffers not to talk to reporter Nicholas Schmidle. Schmidle was previously nominated for a National Magazine Award for "Getting Bin Laden," a 2011 chronicle of events leading up to the raid on the terrorist leader's compound in Abbottabad.

A spokeswoman for the New Yorker said it does not comment on pieces that have yet to be published. TMZ did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

CORRECTION: This article previously stated that The New Yorker would publish its piece on TMZ in an Aug. 14 issue. No date has been announced for the publication of the piece, and it does not appear in the New Yorker's latest issue, a double issue dated Aug. 10-17.