TMZ Tricks Charlyne Yi

I know I should be used to this garbage by now, but it sucks to accept that I live in a world fueled by shaming other people, like what TMZ did to actress/comic Charlyne Yi, (video below) Yi was trying to do good, and tabloids turned it into something bad. It's not just TMZ, it's everywhere. Even when I see someone on the subway or gym intensely reading gossip rags as if they were studying for some unethical exam, I cringe. Isn't there something better that a person wants to do with her time and money than support the cycle of negativity? We justify tabloids as being an escape from our own reality. Well, why not "escape" to a volunteer organization or to the phone to call your mother? I know, I know, it's just gossip. And yes, I've been guilty of participating. But it's our consumption of controversy and crap that keeps tabloid terror alive, and keeps them doing things like this.

I understand that by being a public figure you are at risk for the wrath of public opinion, but I just feel like there are more deserving people to pick on like; murderers, rapists, child abusers, child molesters, batterers, corrupt politicians, racist jerks, homophobic jerks, sexist jerks, criminals, religious leaders who use religion to hide their sexual misconduct, people who organize dog-fights, people who commit hate-crimes, people who scam the elderly out of their life savings, terrorists... I think you get the point.

Click here to donate to Oxfam. You know, that organization Charlyne Yi was getting all "yelly" in the street about.