7 Female-Driven Suspense Thrillers To Read On The Beach This Summer

Are you ready for a summer filled with passion, lust and pain? Well, no matter what, your bookshelf is.

With the cultural phenomenon of female-driven suspense thrillers climbing the literary ranks, an entirely new genre, the Domestic Noir, has emerged. These novels examine the scandalous complications and distresses within marriage, home and/or work life.

If you loved “Gone Girl,” Domestic Noir is the genre for you. We partnered with TNT’s “Murder In the First” to bring you seven female-driven suspense thrillers to read on the beach this summer.

The Girl on The Train (2015)Girl On Train
By Paula Hawkins
336 pages; Riverhead Books

Although the book was just released six months ago, it’s already become a runaway hit, heralded as the new “Gone Girl.” This voyeuristic novel focuses on a Rachel who becomes tangled up in a murder investigation after something she witnessed on her daily commute. Paula Hawkin’s debut is a high-speed train ride featuring twisty narration from three unreliable females. Read it this summer, and you can finally join in the conversation that everyone is already having.

Apple Tree Yard: A Novel (2015)
By Louise Doughty
336 pages; Picador

This book reinforces the well-known truth that every decision has consequences. This thrilling and insightful novel showcases a woman who had it all -- a happy marriage, successful career, and two wonderful children -- but made a decision that would change everything. Filled with deceit, violence and mystery, top British author and columnist Louise Doughty penned the page-turner that reminds you even good people can do bad things.

The Poison Tree (2012)
By Erin Kelly
352 pages; Penguin Books

Secrets rarely remain private, as we see in “The Poison Tree.” While Karen attempts to rebuild her life with Rex, her former lover who was in prison for nearly a decade, she recalls the summer that first brought them together. When demons from the past get in her way, Karen does whatever necessary to protect her family’s life. This exciting novel alternates between the fragile present and looming past to create a haunting mystery about the vulnerability of a regular woman.

The Book of You: A Novel (2014)
By Claire Kendal
368 pages; Harper

In this novel, Clarrisa is being stalked by a male colleague. Her escape comes in the form of a jury summons, where her stalker won’t be around. However, the trial parallels her own situation. As the violent accounts of kidnap and abuse intensifies, Clarrisa looks for a way out of her manipulator’s grand plan. This artfully crafted book highlights a woman’s determination to survive, despite all attempts to break her.

The Liar’s Chair (2015)
By Rebecca Whitney
224 pages; Mantle

From an outsider’s perspective, this married couple seemed happy and successful. That is, until one event opened a Pandora’s box. Rachel’s irresponsible drinking leads to a hit and run that ends in murder. While the husband works to destroy evidence, the wife struggles with her guilt. This psychological thriller examines how a woman’s toxic marriage hides many of her truths.

The Silent Wife: A Novel (2013)
By A.S.A. Harrison
326 pages; Penguin Books

How far will one go to keep the peace in a relationship? In this novel, an affluent couple is stuck in a dreary marriage with lots to lose. Told in alternating voices, this book about a cheating husband and a wife in denial lays out the unravelling of a marriage, and the catastrophe that changes everything.

The Lie (2014)
By Hesh Kestin
240 pages; Scribner

This complex thriller about a woman torn between her beliefs and maternal loyalty takes place in present-day Israel. Dahlia Barr, an attorney, is famous for defending accused Palestinians in Israeli court. However, when her son is kidnapped by Hezbollah, Dahlia has to to decide whether to shift her beliefs in order to save her own son. This topical and fast-paced novel will pull at your heart and mind.

We partnered with TNT’s Murder in the First, which stars Kathleen Robertson, to bring you seven female driven suspense thrillers to read on the beach this summer. If you love these thrillers, tune in to “Murder in the First” for even more suspense June 8 10/9c.