TNYPNS And The American Defense Budget

When I lived in LA a friend of mine wrote a movie that was a hit and suddenly received a decent chunk of money. He decided to buy a Porsche, but, to embrace the overcompensation cliche, wanted his vanity license plate to read TNY PNS — TINY PENIS without the vowels. The latest defense budget from Trump is certainly of the TNY PNS type. It’s not enough that America is already by far the richest, most powerful nation on earth, it must now have not just a Porsche military budget but a Bugatti Chiron (270 mph/$2.6 million) one. This graph represents the world military spending situation in 2015.

Call me overconfident, but that’s big enough for me, thank you. Trump, however, needs to show the world he has an even bigger one by adding an extra 52 billion dollars or about 10%. If we really want to make America safer, it could be done for a few hundred thousand: lose the White House Doctor, hire a White House Psychiatrist, preferably Freudian, and never use the word “shrink”.

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