To All Those Wondering Why Beyoncé Skipped The DNC

The question on everybody’s mind.
And the rockets' red glaaaaaaare!
And the rockets' red glaaaaaaare!

Where in the world is Beyoncé?

That was the question running through the minds of “Lemonade”-sipping Americans this week as a stream of celebrities took the stage at the Democratic National Convention

According to an interview with Refinery 29 in June, CEO of the DNC Leah Daughtry explained that the plan was to try and fly Bey, who is still traveling the globe on the Formation world tour, to Philadelphia for the day. But, as made clear by her absence, something broke down. 

I heard you love Beyoncé. Any chance she’ll be joining us in Philadelphia?

“I believe she’s in Sweden on the Formation tour, but we’re going to see what we can do to get her to fly over for the night or so. We’ll see!”

Although the singer has yet to publicly support Clinton, the presidential hopeful has been pursuing Bey’s endorsement for months. In May, Beyoncé attended a fundraiser for Clinton hosted by L.A. Reid, causing quite a stir in political and celebrity circles. 

The Clinton campaign responded (unfortunately) with a cheesy tweet that probably scared Bey off for good. 

A week later, Clinton visited “The Ellen Show” and reaffirmed her love for Beyoncé after fielding a question from Taylor Swift in an audience Q&A. 

“I have seen parts of [’Lemonade’], and I do like it. It’s great,” she said. “I really believe in making lemonade out of lemons.”

Maybe next time, Hillary. 

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