To Be a Father Is to Worry

To Be a Father Is to Worry
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There is a wonderment I feel about being the father to these four human beings: my 24 year old son, my 20 year old daughter (going into her 3rd year in college), and my 13 and 7 year olds; all with different personalities. I constantly worry and pray, "Dear God please keep them safe and healthy", and struggle with the thought of what kind of world I'm leaving behind for them when neither their mom or I are around any longer to try to protect them.

But I can't! Not even now. So I worry and love them today and forever -- knowing that they are the most important thing that has ever happened to me. And I thank God every day for the gifts and joy they bring to my life. I hope they grow up strong, knowing that I tried my best for them. In short, to be a father... is to worry.

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