To Be or Not to Be...A Mayshad Woman

The Successful Journey to Being Who We Want To Be.

Post 1: A fulfilling Life, starts with the choice we make, to Be who we want to Be!

Dear Huffington post readers,

In this weekly chronicle, I will be happily sharing my theories on life, based on personal experiences which have lead me, to the continuous progression and construction of a my own "Being".

Yes! We can live in a successful balance, between our Wishes and Duties, without necessarily giving up on our Dreams.

Everyday, as life can be exciting but challenging, I find myself proud to Be the living proof of a Woman who juggles between being a mother of two inspiring daughters, running a team of motivated members, working on exciting projects and still finding the time to take care of myself and have a very selective social life.

Yes life is not always easy, and yes life is beautiful. These are two opposite aspects that, if managed together and kept in mind, make a balanced lifestyle.

And if we begin to understand them and accept them, we will stop feeling disappointed and we will feel optimistic about our own life and destiny; thus creating our new happy path.

As obvious as it may seem, existing and building a life does not necessarily mean that we have accomplished the bold exercise of rather being ourselves.

I have created the Mayshad Lifestyle Concept, along with its empowering social network, video blog and lifestyle brands, to produce an international platform and inspiring content to women who want to make the choice to lead their life with success and stimulation.

Being part of an empowering lifestyle community makes it much easier to achieve our goals and build our life positively. When I started leading my life in a successful way, I wished I would have found such an empowering and inspiring universe to support me in my challenging path.

To Be a Mayshad Woman, is a choice a woman makes, to live a stimulated life, with
a positive philosophy based on gratitude, acceptance, and accomplishments, in order to Be Who She Wants To Be; hence, achieving a real fulfillment of her "Being".

In a world where desires are dictated by the norms of the society, and wishes are slowed down by the discouragement of others, where is "the being" thus left?

That "being" within us, that wishes to live its individual fulfillment in a respectful freedom, embracing its destiny and is nourished by a spirituality that is far from any religious dogma.

An increasing number of people, worn by a madly stressful life, finally realize that the essence of fullness is based, above all, on a real inner satisfaction and that true happiness is not gained from neither a social position nor a material possession.

Sometimes, in the quest of searching and wishing to be accepted in the eyes of others, we loose our dreams leaving our inner voice and intuition to an empty loneliness, pushing it towards a total muteness.

I was born and raised in Morocco in an aristocratic family that has taught me the great values of finding and creating refinement with simplicity, even though the bourgeois society i was evolving in through my private school and my social life, were very restrictive and materialistic.

My parents divorced when I was 6 years old. It was such an unusual action to take back then, in a conservative society, but they decided to seperate rather than staying in a conflictual couple and faking to the society their happiness.

When they announced to my older brother and myself, their decision, i remember evaluating the situation, and realizing that it was not going to be dramatic, as both of my parents were still going to be there for us,loving us and caring for us.

It was my first time being put in front of a serious situation and making the choice to be happy and surrounded by happiness, rather than resisting to change, feeling terrible and making my parents feel guilty for a right they had to be who they wanted to be.

The oddest thing that i realize now, when i look back then, is that I had no other kids around me living the same situation and therefore no referral to assure me that life was going to be ok after my parents divorced.

But i had a strong trust in them and their tremendous love for my brother and i, assured me that they would not make a decision that could hurt us in anyway.

My parents made sure to never express negative feelings towards each other, and the respectful way they presented us their decision to take different paths, made us respect their choices and inspired my brother and i to always be true to ourselves.

They turned our initial family of two children into a much wider one with two beautiful sisters from my mom's side and two great brothers from dad's side.

Their first condition to integrate a partner in their life was for him or her to genuinely be loving to us and respectful to the valued environment they had built for us.

When I see couples that stick together, in a fighting environment that they impose to their children, thinking to not divorce, in order to keep their children happy, I find it horrifying.
I know that children's first language they learn and absorb, is emotions.

If we surround them with positive emotions which is the case when we chose to live comfortably in choices to be who we want to be, we make them much happier, than children who live around parents who impose to them their toxic vibrations, because they do not have the courage to evoluate in the direction of their true desire to be who they want to be.

When I decided to divorce from my high school sweet heart because the adult i was growing into, was aspiring to build a lifestyle far from the society boundaries the father of my kids and myself were evolving in.

I remembered to make it happen in a joyful and respectful way, because my children were absorbing my emotions, and i would never pollute them with any negative feelings.

A divorce is never an easy act.

And even though I can write about it now with so much happiness and peace in my heart, I have gone into very difficult emotional moments, feeling guilt and anxiety about my decision to grow out of a conservative situation that was bringing me materialistic and social comfort but no longer the passion to Feel and Be how i really wanted to lead my life.

But I remember, going afterwork for a jog in nature, in order to balance positively my energy, rather than going home full of all my negative thoughts, charged with fear, frustration and sometimes anger.

I am now 33 years old, time has passed, and proved me i was right to live truly with myself and my kids who are now two happy 6 and 8 years girls, full of inspirations and trust for life.

I am also proud that i have been honest to their father and made sure throughout the building of my own being, to always transmit positive emotions to my daughters inspiring them to start building their own dreams from a very young age.

My strong roots and the respectful environment my parents raised me in, have given me the confidence to start talking about choices, happiness, authenticity, and freedom, at a very young age, sharing with my high school friends my philosophical thoughts about happiness and my desire to design life based finding my true passion and accomplishing my dreams rather than taking a classical path.

I have always made the choice to be who I wanted to be, respecting myself rather than acting and existing according to the eye of others. I have developed a personality with universal values, that make me tolerant to other cultures and respected for my own cultural values in all countries.

When we decide to put ourselves, in a path for inner awakening, we can always make a positive use of an inspiring reading, which resonates with our emotions, bringing answers to our doubts and supporting us in the quest for the happy construction of our "Being".

In the coming columns, I will genuinely share with you my life experiences and together, we will build our strong path to Being, Staying and Growing into Who We Want To Be.

Mayshad Woman