To Become An Expert, Transcend Facts

To Become An Expert, Transcend Facts
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When you really know something and understand it well, it's not about an outline or a list of main points. True understanding goes much deeper. At the depth of your being, you are one with everything. Ancient Seers and modern physicists agree upon this. Einstein knew there was a unified field, the one thing that is the essence of everything. To really know anything, you know its essence. That essence is not found outside of you, but inside the depth of your being, where you are one with the seed that birthed all Knowledge of everything.

As we pursue any field of knowledge, we come to know it from more and more deeply within ourselves. Studies may begin in the early school years. The knowledge gets deeper with an undergraduate degree, deeper still with a Master's degree, and even deeper still with a Ph.D. At some point, it is as if you become an embodiment of the knowledge. It no longer has to do with memorization of facts. The knowledge is there within the very fiber of your being, on a level that transcends facts.

In the ancient Vedic tradition, the deepest seed of knowledge is referred to as a "Bindu point." It is the point where the essence of the object touches into the universal essence. When the object's essence is in reference to a human being, the Bindu point is then called the "Atman." As we refine and evolve our knowledge, it is like sharpening a pencil, which gets a more and more precise point, until the tip of the pencil can touch into the very depth of Knowledge—the Bindu point.

In the Upanishads, an ancient Vedic text, the story is told of a teacher and his student. The teacher hands a tree seed to the student and explains that all the knowledge of the entire tree, the roots, trunk, bark, branches, leaves, sap, etc. are all contained in the tiny seed. The seed is like the Bindu point for the entire tree. Then the teacher takes the analogy one step further. He cracks open the seed, hands it to the student, and asks him what he sees. The student replies that there is nothing inside the seed. The teacher nods and points out that all of this, the entire field of worldly existence, emerges out of no-thingness.

The unified field has no boundaries, no edge, and no handle. Attempting to grasp it is attempting to grasp the ungraspable. Yet it is out of that unbounded field of no-thingness that things are born. At that deepest, most essential point of manifestation, the seed of the object emerges.

The more deeply you come to know anything, the closer you come to knowing the seed, the essence of that thing. At that level, knowledge blossoms forth from deep within you, just as a tree blossoms from a tiny hollow seed. This is true Knowledge—beyond facts, beyond books, beyond outlines, beyond bullet points.

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