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To Berlin or Not to Berlin

I went to Berlin to see if it was a city I could live in, so it was with a critical eye I viewed the city. How did it rate against New York?
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When visiting a city it is easy to fall in love with it and imagine yourself living there. Of course life is not a vacation and work and other matters intrude on this fantasy. Living in Hawaii would not be a life of lying on the beach all day it would be working a resort and hoping the tips are good.

I went to Berlin to see if it was a city I could live in, so it was with a critical eye I viewed the city. How did it rate against New York?

For a New Yorker bagels are of paramount importance. I had to find out if it was possible to get a good bagel.

I am happy to report the bagels are just Fine. In order to make us comfortable they advertise as New York bagels but of course they originated in Poland. Despite the fact that Fine has no idea what color TOAST should be, the bagels were excellent, really excellent. And they are not the only place to get them.

And I am happy to report excellent Pizza can be found as well, in wood burning ovens. #ItsNotTheWater.

If any of you have ever waited on the 2/3 line in NY and the display said 4 minutes til the next train? 4 minutes later is still says 4 minutes and after about a half an hour you get that line on the bottom telling you the train is delayed?

I have. In Berlin the trains run on time, as do the busses. They have bus lanes that are not filled with taxis and bicycles. AND the tracks are not garbage filled.

It is not perfect from a culinary standpoint, I can see a lot of room for diversity and improvement. For instance, take Currywurst.

Really, take it. I know Berlin is famous for this creation, but I did not care for it. Ketchup and curry powder. Berlin, please accept my apology but your famous dish is vile.

...and I did not try the Kebap, we have Gyros and I assume they are similar.

The water has no fluoride.

The Groceries have no GMO and many are fully organic.

Parks are everywhere.

And it is an international city.

The 'Refugee Crisis' is largely being played out in the American press, not in the daily lives of the Germans.

I have fallen out of love with America

See you in Berlin.