To Call Blair Bush's Poodle Is An Insult to Poodles

Something rather interesting is going on in Great Britain these wintry days--an official inquiry, broad-ranging in its declared scope, into the way that country got involved in a little conflict in Iraq. Early testimony has dribbled out some interesting tidbits--doubts that were obliterated in the public pronouncements, intel that was ignored in the final rush to war. Now, watching that inquiry with a quizzical eye, the former Director of Public Prosecutions during the very era in question has written a bristling, withering attack on former Prime Minister Blair and his relationship with George W. Bush. He stops just short of picturing them praying together on the Oval Office rug as they plotted the invasion of Iraq. Or maybe he goes much farther; his final graf:

We have seen enormous acts of courage on the part of our men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan. The most heart-rending sacrifices have been made; many of them will become poetry and song in future years. But none of this sprinkles, as he might once have hoped it would, any starlight on Tony Blair. On the contrary, it is entirely the work of warriors thrust carelessly into death's way by a Prime Minister lost in self-aggrandisement and a governing class too closed to speak truth to power.

Fortunately, none of this sheds any light on what went on in this country. Otherwise, the national media would have to pay attention.