To Elope Or Not To Elope: That Is The Question

Unlike most couples, who can't seem to find the perfect destination, we agree that ALL of these places -- Palm Springs, Mexico, Austin, Texas, our backyard -- are perfect for our wedding.
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From the moment Rich proposed everyone kept asking: "When's the wedding?" We would happily reply, "Oh, sometime in the spring..." Immediately followed by the next question, "Well where are you going to have it?" The response to this question has changed many times. I've answered everything from Palm Springs to my backyard, Mexico to Miami. Austin, Texas even flew out of my mouth once!

Unlike most couples, who can't seem to find the perfect destination -- we agree that all of these places are perfect locations for our wedding.

Palm Springs was our first choice. It's close enough for everyone to drive, the hotels have a cool, swanky vibe without being over-the-top, the landscape is beautiful AND all the hotels are dog friendly.

Then, there's our backyard -- the site of the surprise engagement. It worked once, maybe we should just call the mariachi guys over again. But, is it too small?

We love Mexico... a beach wedding at sunset, barefoot in the sand, tequila flowing all night sounds like heaven to me. But, if we're thinking Mexico, then why not Miami? It was, after all, where we had our first date. I even had Rich programmed into my phone as "Miami" in the early months of our relationship and we talk about going back there together all the time.

I have never been to Austin Texas, where Rich grew up and attended college. He's been dying to show me around, but can my L.A. friends two-step in cowboy boots and eat BBQ all night?

Maybe we just need a quick fix... we could elope, pick a city we've never been to, pack a bag and not tell a soul until after we're married. But what about our friends? And our canine children, Bamboo and Sugar?

Everyday brings a different idea, a different place. Sometimes, I wish I was one of those girls who had my wedding planned out and was just waiting for the right guy to come along. The trouble is we both want our wedding to be a reflection of who we are as a couple, but we can see ourselves in each scenario. Maybe we should just pick a venue from a hat -- love will find a way, right?