To Live, To Love, To Be

Hello my dear and beloved Huffingon Post Readers.

Today I will talk about a subject that is important to all of us.
A matter that has no gender or social class.
A part of our personalities with which we are all born equal, deciding or not to develop it to its greatest state.

The subject is "love."

Of course childhood and experience play a big role in it. But there are no genes, no laws, no boundaries that can restrict us from it.
Love is a feeling that we can all choose to achieve.
It's a feeling that is related to our inner self. No one can go that deep in our soul to block it off from being.
But Love demands courage, motivation and practice, just as every great achievement and dream.

We always have a choice in life, but we need to work for it, and it starts with a personal journey that no one can undertake on our behalf.
The journey to love has many levels to overcome and numerous paths to take.
This journey enlarges our heart.
The path that leads us to serene love is the one where we develop our vulnerability and nourish our inner soul, beginning with the love of life, and all the elements that are part of it.
As a heart that is empty can never be satisfied with the love received from another person, a soul that is shut down cannot love.

Love is a practice, and it starts with the simplest things in life. Breathing, observing, feeling...
Being grateful every morning for the poached eggs I eat for breakfast is part of my practice of love. When we don't take things for granted and we are always aware of the pleasure and well-being it gives us, we fill ourselves with positive feelings, letting our sensitivity grow.
That same sensitivity that lets us absorb the world around us, turns it into an inspiration to create and achieve beautiful things in life.

Love is part of the process of great creations.
And Life is the matrix that connects us to each other.
Love of life is therefore the first step to take in the journey of Great Love, never missing an opportunity to be grateful and mesmerized in front of the beauty of nature, humanity and talent.

Our Journey continues through the love of ourselves, as we are part of the elements of life and we carry life in our hearts.
By learning to love ourselves, we strengthen the love of Life and what's in it.
But in order to access the Real Love of our Inner Self, also called Confidence, we need to feel proud of our actions, always pushing us to a better self with kindness, generosity, respect and knowledge.

Confidence overcomes the insecurities, fears and anxieties that keep us from giving love without any expectations.
The Love of Life and the Love of our Inner Self fill up a gap that only us can overpass reaching out the level of receiving and giving Love with Greatness.
'When we get to the stage of being a naturally-loving person, giving to life without expectation and receiving from others with gratitude, then we are ready for the greatest love within a relationship.

Love is therefore a daily practice, we cannot close our hearts, waiting or the person we want to love.
If we do so, the day we' finally meet a person that gives us the desire to experience the feeling of Love, despite our best intentions, we will love awkwardly.

The knowledge of our inner selves and the creation of a lifestyle that motivates us to stay in a great state of mind, automatically put us onto the direction of crossing paths with like-minded people who have made the same personal journey to access and build a healthy relationship with life.

Whether it is in a yoga class, at a book signing or a cultural event, since I have defined my passions, I keep meeting people with whom I find an inspiring connection that empowers my life philosophy and values.

For Mayshad Women, love is a dominant part of our lives, one that we experience continuously in our relationships with our family, friends and projects. Getting on the right path to the supreme love is never too late. It starts with our own choice to build a greater, loving self.

Nezha Alaoui, Mayshad Woman.