To Republicans: Conservatism Has Failed. Deal With It

I have a guilty pleasure to admit: I have been listening to right wing radio over the last few weeks with increasing pleasure. I am reminded of the phrase, "when in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging." However, it's doubtful they will take my advice. But in listening to Rush and Hannity and reading the likes of Powerline and RedState, I see them dance around the central issue without quite getting there. So let me offer my help to help them get to that ever important point of acceptance.

You guys controlled the While House and Congress for 6 years. The country saw what you want to accomplish and are experiencing the impact of your policies. And guess what? THEY THINK CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT STINKS.

Let's start with the big one.

No one likes Iraq. Between the shifting rationale for the war, the ever-increasing cost, the continued loss of American lives and the Iraqi's inability to form any kind of meaningful government, Iraq was a bad idea all the way around. Period. Spin it how you like, you're going to come up with the same answer.

Terry Schiavo: This was by far the clearest indication of what the religious right will do if they attain power. And it isn't pretty. Let's tackle this by showing how clearly this situation violated literally every core Republican belief.

"Republicans believe in state's rights." This situation was litigated for years at the state level, in an area of law that traditionally has happened at the state level. The religious right didn't like the result, so they made it a federal issue.

"Republicans believe in individual rights." Schiavo's husband demonstrated in court that his wife wanted to die should her then current situation happen to her. That was her individual choice. A judge agreed. The religious right decided that just wasn't good enough.

"Limited Federal Government". The Republicans used the federal government to interject themselves into a family matter.

Katrina: This is what happens when people who don't like government and don't think it can work are put in charge.

The economy: The Republicans -- the party of fiscal conservatism -- have added an additional $3.2 trillion dollars to the federal debt. They have created an economy build on debt at the consumer level and hoped to leave office before the secret got out. Well, the secret got out and people have figured out it was a giant illusion.

Here's the point: every policy that the Republicans have initiated has fallen apart. It doesn't work plain and simple. The Republicans wonder why there's an enthusiasm gap? Even Republican voters realize they're failed. Only the hard-core 30% Republican supporters are hanging on right now. Fine -- let them. It's their choice.

Every "true conservative" Republican candidate has failed. The reason? Conservative polities don't work. You guys are trying to sell a typewriter in a word processor world.

When Republican are in charge

-- they are nothing more than power hungry spendthrifts who will add hundreds of billions to the national debt

-- they will lie to go to war (despite most of you never serving in the military yourself)

-- they will use the Federal government to interject themselves into personal family matters if their religious right leaders want them to.

Raise your hand if that's what you want in government.

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