To SEO or Not to SEO? A Blogger's Dilemma

To SEO or Not to SEO? A Blogger's Dilemma
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Everyone who's been blogging for any amount of time has heard the term SEO. But that's where the similarity ends -- some bloggers obsess about it, live and breathe SEO, and others don't understand it and feel very overwhelmed by trying to figure out.

So at the latest TBEX conference, I decided it would be a lot more fun to approach the topic of SEO in the form of a skit. Yes, a skit. And since the event was taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark, what better setting than a spoof of Shakespeare's classic Hamlet?

I suckered friends Paul Brady of Condé Nast Traveler magazine, Robert Reid of Lonely Planet, and Johnny Jet into starring roles. And many thanks to Robert for lending his creativity and co-writing the script.

It speaks to the dilemma bloggers face between the balance of creating quality content while needing SEO for it to be found. The skit also warns against becoming a soulless slave to search. And of course to never use 'black hat' tactics which could get one beat over the head by almighty Google.

So whether you're one of those who gets excited to read all the latest from Rand Fishkin or Pete Cashmore, or think of blogging as a form of artistic self-expression and SEO is the devil, we hope you enjoy the comedy and tragedy that is SEO for blogging:

Hamlet: Paul Brady
Rosencrantz: Robert Reid
Ophelia: Kim Mance
Google: Johnny Jet
Filming courtesy of conference sponsors Visit Copenhagen
TBEX Copenhagen theme song by Robert Reid

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