To Sign or Not to Sign

That is not the question

Across the US, people are lining up for or against Barack Obama's agreement with Iran to prevent it from ever producing nuclear weapons, should it decide to do so. Some feel he is wasting his time trying to make any kind of deal with Iran.

And they should know. They know that Obama has been wasting his time for the past six years trying to make deals with them -- and I mean the Republicans. They should know because they have behaved the same way they now characterize Iran as behaving -- that they will never go along with anything Obama wants to do.

This is a classic case of projection, of unconsciously displacing their own intransigent stance against Obama onto Teheran. It is as if being consistently paranoid about their own president gives them special insight that Iranian leaders are not to be trusted. They remain certain that Iran will undermine and break any agreement this president makes.

Some also say that Obama is "giving away the store" to Iran. They sense it because they experienced his excessive accommodations both to big "Pharma" and Health Insurance Companies in order to pass Obamacare.

But the reason they know for sure that Iran will continue to pursue nuclear weapons is because they know the same thing about themselves -- that they will never rest until they destroy Obamacare. So Republicans continue to do everything in their power to undermine Obama, redirecting their attention to his current treaty initiative. Their unconscious self-knowledge reinforces their views of Iran, because they have relentlessly opposed Obama's efforts to unite the United States -- whether to fix health care, to reverse climate change, or to raise the minimum wage. They know that Iran will do whatever it takes because they do whatever it takes. Their special insight into the relentless danger posed by Iran comes from looking at themselves in the mirror.