To the Golden Arches in a Lamborghini


"Bloody hell Lee, wake up! Your alarm bells are ringing", I shake myself into consciousness and recall dreaming about my wife kicking me into gear to get a head start on my errands for the day. It's not everyday you wake up next to a gorgeous woman but she wasn't going to let me rest on my laurels. There was work to be done and the list of things to do was half a page long. I went through each chore one by one until I reached the magic number, 13 which landed me at the golden arches BUT only once I've sorted the other 12 first.

To get started I decided to take the almighty Lamborghini Aventador SV to work (SV stands for "Superveloce," or "superfast" in english). Just like a raging bull that it resembles, he was brutal and furious hence why Lamborghini decided to name him after a champion bull named "Aventador". Aventador was a 1118 pound Spanish fighting bull who was slain by Matador Emilio Munoz in 1993. This bull however will not be slain by me but the vice versa. His grip and acceleration is like no other, I'm talking about 0-100 km/hr in only 2.8 seconds.


Running a large company places a lot of stress and unwanted headaches on your life plan, but that is the name of the game and if you want to play this game then this is what you have to do. So now I've reached chore number 12 which was to get the car washed. I arranged for a car detailer to arrive at my office to give the Aventador a 2 hour detail pamper session. Having ticked off all 11 chores it was now lunch time and chore 13 for the day.

I walked down to the basement and jumped into my ride and turned the key to a terrifying roar echoing out the back of the 740 horsepower beast or maybe it was the charging sound of the 740 raging bulls? Either way, it was time to cross off chore 13 at the Big M. If you at all know me by now you'd understand Big M is serious business because, like how beasts need their fuel to recharge, I need McDonald's for my sustenance.


Whether you're going to laugh or cry, the rest of the story can be seen by watching the below link to the episode. Let's hope for the earlier and not the latter.

Written by Lecha Khouri