To the Guys Cursing Me Out for Not Messaging Them Back Online

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For some reason, there is this new law that if a woman doesn't respond to a man's advances online, he gets to b*tch her out.

I thought it was just other lucky women who had to deal with it, and not me -- but apparently, I am ripe for the insulting as well.

I have heard it all:

Hey princess-- think you're too good to respond?

Whatever b*tch, you're probably not funny anyway (in reference to my comment about doing stand-up comedy)

Why do women think they're too good to message back?

Fine, don't respond. We could have had something!!!!

You really love yourself and those boobs don't you?

Since when did men become so angry? If I message a man and he ignores me, I assume that I am just not his cup of tea, and that's OK. I don't go around yelling at men because they won't respond to my messages.

And don't go and tell me that all women have become horrible. I am sure there are nice men out there, too. But there's a real sickness going around if men consider themselves so entitled to a response that when they don't get one, they feel like they can pummel you with insults.

Chivalry is indeed dead.

Sometimes I don't message a man because he's too far away. Sometimes it's because I don't like his religious points of view, or the fact that he shows his abs in every single photo.

This doesn't mean I am a b*tch on wheels waiting for Mister Perfect, because let's face it: There is no such thing as a perfect man OR woman.

So to the men who are sending me scathing remarks when I don't respond to your emails with overtures of love online, I offer you this:

If you assume every woman is an absolute witch for ignoring your messages -- if you assume women are nasty no-good b*tches who hate men -- you will be single.

For life.

Online dating is hard. Dating is hard. Love is hard. Be kind. Approach women with the same courtesy you would offer to your mother, sister or little cousin. Approach a woman with class. And take rejection the classy way.

Believe me, I am rejected online as well, and I never ask why -- nor do I care.

There is an ass for every seat, but if you act like an ass, no one will drive in your car.

A woman who is tired of being harassed

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