To The Mom That Specially Ordered The Nut Free Cake

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To the Mom that specially ordered the nut free cake,

I wanted to take the time to tell you that your generosity of spirit towards my son this past weekend was not lost on me. It may seem to be a small act of kindness to you to purchase a nut free ice-cream cake but it was larger than life to my child.

You see, every birthday party we attend, he pretty much expects not to be able to eat the fun cake. Usually I have to plan an alternative but no matter how hard I try, I can't compete with superhero, yummy ice cream, and fun candy cakes. Even with his favorite Canadian nut free chocolate on top, my cupcakes mostly pale in comparison. I literally dread the end of each party, when he comes to me with those inquiring eyes hopeful each time, "mom can I have the cake?". I don't think I have ever said yes until this past weekend.

At ten years old, my son at this point just sucks it up and realizes the fun cakes at others celebrations are not usually in the cards for someone with a nut allergy. But you changed that this weekend. He was literally blown away by your kindness. He took the time to remind me that even within our extended family, most do not take this extra step. Don't get me wrong, they always have a safe option for him to eat but it's almost never the main attraction and he usually leaves the party somewhat deflated.

I think it is likely that you don't even realize how powerful your act was. To feel ordinary, if only for a moment in time due to a piece of cake, is monumental to a food allergic child. I want to thank you again for reminding us what is possible when we least expect it. You have made an indelible mark on his heart.

I find, too often in this world, that complaints rise to the surface, but compliments never see the light of day.

Not this time.

Thank you.

Gratefully yours,
A Food Allergy Mama