To the Muted Tyrants, From the Muslim Children

This message is for all the muted tyrants, who are silent after carrying out massive massacres of innocent adults, children and infants. It is for the recent Hitlers and Pharaohs of today, who proved that the worst dictators' legacy remains because the roots are still strong. The trees that once grew in Palestine and the flowers that used to blossom with a sweet scent in Syria are now left with dried stems and leaves. The petals do not grow anymore because ruthless people like Netanyahu and Bashar Al-Assad have cut the roots before it could feel the sunlight and reach the soil. It is countries like Britain and Russia, the so called Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE that have failed to provide assistance to those in dire need. Every single person who carries out these appalling attacks and facilitates them, instead of condemning it, has a share in the execution of these wonderful people.

I just fail to understand the barbarism committed by these people, when they cannot see their own children trip. My question is, don't you have a soft corner or an atom's weight of compassion in your heart? How can you kill a baby who has just opened his eyes in this world and hasn't even had the chance to smile at his parents? How can you not have mercy on these gullible and naive kids? They have stepped into the outside world to be educated and successful people, but you crush their desires by leaving them with no heir. They are left to beg around because they have no food to eat, their houses have been demolished and the orphans are left to find solace in each other. They are born to play and laugh, while you make them visualize the most disturbing contretemps and leave them to weep for the departed souls.

How can you bomb a house that is filled with the love of a mother, the support of a father, the laughter of siblings, the joys of sons and the blessings of daughters? You have absolutely no right to cease them from dreaming by intimidating them with your iniquitous plans! Try to walk in their shoes for one day! Don't you feel ashamed when you look at your own children having an extravagant life, going to one of the preeminent schools in town and sleeping in comfort, while you leave our children crying all night, for the fear of tomorrow, for the fear of another explosion, for the fear of losing their loved ones, for the fear of having no shelter and for the fear of desolation. They are left with nothing but memories of the joyful days and wounds that would never heal because of the trauma that they have to endure.

Don't you shed a single tear when you see these innocent children agonize? Maybe you haven't had a chance to experience this catastrophe and I wish you don't. Because our religion teaches us to pray for those who have wronged us, our religion teaches us to fight back but if we want to earn the pleasure of our God, it is best for us to forgive. Even though, you're not deserving of this forgiveness because of the adversity you've made our Muslim brothers and sisters go through, but we do not expect anything from you but our Master, the King of the heavens and earth.

Let me just leave you with this message, even if you try to obliterate the entire nation because of the hatred that keeps growing in your heart, no matter how many lives you take, We will still remain united and We will keep on growing stronger in our faith. We will continue to fight until there remains no more oppression in this world. We will be victorious and prosperous in the coming years because we put our trust in God. He is our Only Helper and He sees all that you plot. Today, you might have the authority to rule and shatter our dreams, but do remind yourself that the rainbow always disappears in the end.