To The Okayish Mom: You Are Enough

Don’t worry about the dog urine in the laundry room or the crumbs under the kitchen table.
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My laundry room smells like dog urine.

I have been known to eye a suspicious puddle and then choose to ignore it because if I wait at least an hour, it will dry up and I won’t have to clean it.

The toilet in my bathroom has orange-ish, moldy looking spots growing around the water line. I am a little confused because I always thought mold was green, but I’m pretty sure these spots (regardless of the color) shouldn’t be there.

I don’t iron. Like ever.

The kids spilled popcorn kernels all over the carpet in front of the TV. I had friends coming over. I pushed those kernels under the couch because it was easier than vacuuming.

The puppy slobbered all over my husband’s pillow. I turned the pillow over to the clean side before he came to bed. Maybe he won’t read this post and so it can remain a secret between you and I.

I am currently sitting at my computer, writing a blog, listening to music and completely ignoring my children and the school work we should be completing.

I am still in my pajamas.

It is 12:19 pm.

Here is a picture of my stove-top.

Doesn’t that make you feel better?

As I write, I keep thinking about a particular friend of mine. She will probably be very disappointed to read these things. Let’s call this friend Suzy Homemaker. Suzy’s house is spotless. I could probably eat off her floor. But I wouldn’t have to, because her table is always set with REAL plates. And linen napkins. And centerpieces. I hope she doesn’t read this. She is probably too busy cleaning her baseboards to have time to read my blog, anyway.

I have another friend we will call Martha Stewart. She is one of those people who actually makes all the crafty things that the rest of us just pin on Pinterest. I want to be like Martha. Actually, I just want to kidnap her and force her to decorate my house.

Then there is my friend Miss America. She is beautiful. Just painfully beautiful. And she is always clean! Her clothes match and her hair is freshly cut and styled. I am jealous of her. Really, I am especially jealous of her white, straight, evenly-spaced teeth. I want to marry her dentist.

I have been talking to my daughters lately about the gifts God has given them. We each have different talents. Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same? Your beautiful voice wouldn’t sound as beautiful if everyone had the same gift of singing. Your backflip wouldn’t be as spectacular if everyone else was flipping, too. We can’t all be good at everything. Let’s thank God for the special gifts He gave to YOU!

It sounds like my daughters have a very wise mother.

I should probably listen to her.

So today I am celebrating the gifts I do have. I will not worry about those I don’t.

Here are some of MY special talents.

I throw the best living room dance parties! Really great ones. With laughter and music and booty shaking.

I make excellent enchiladas. They are super-terrific. And I do it the right way: with corn tortillas. Flour tortillas do not enchiladas make, people!

I am particularly good at laundry.

I have this one really good cat joke. It doesn’t matter how many often I tell it, my children laugh hysterically every single time.

We are an active family. My children walk, and skate, and ride bikes and see in their mother an example of what healthy activity looks like.

Yes, there are things I do not do well. But there are so many more things I do!

Focus on the things you do well. Don’t worry about the dog urine in the laundry room or the crumbs under the kitchen table. Instead, go and hug your kids. And celebrate the unique gifts that were placed within each and every one of you.

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