To The Well-Meaning Racist

"I’m mixed, black and white, and at times I get a little sneak peek into the world of white people."

You guys, I can’t believe it’s Sunday and Ashton Kutcher still hasn’t popped out from the bushes to let us know that he’s PUNK’d us all. I drove to get coffee, no Ashton. I went to the grocery store, no Ashton. I filled up my gas tank, still no Ashton. You see, I’m looking for him because I NEED this to just be a prank. It’s obviously a joke…but you know what I mean. 

I thought I’d be more upset. Shoot, I think everyone thought I’d be. I’m still in shock though. I know, I know! Me being in shock has actually sent a few of my friends INTO shock. Sorry, guys! I’m not going to say that I expected more out of this nation, BUT I expected more out of humanity. 

I’m mixed, black and white, and at times I get a little sneak peek into the world of white people.  Heck, my dad and half of my family is white. But as I sit here, wearing UGGs and drinking my pumpkin spiced latte. I simply CANNOT.

When I first heard his hate-speech toward Mexicans, I was like “Thank goodness THAT’S over!” because obviously, he ended his own campaign himself right then and there. To my shock and horror, he was still in the running. The constant media fodder and personal attacks became commonplace. “What did he do now,” I’d ask myself every time I turned on the news. He attacked prisoners of war, Brother Khan, a fallen Muslim American war hero after calling for a ban on all Muslims, mocked the disabled, and incited violence at his rallies while referencing “the good ole days”…when black people were slaves. None of this was enough to take him out of the running. It only gave his campaign more momentum. 

I wondered what he would have to do to make more people upset? What would be the final straw to make those in power say, “enough is enough” and make him go away. Then I was at my mom’s house and she said, “Did you hear what he said about women when he was on that bus?” I hadn’t, but it didn’t take long for his misogynist remarks to replay over and over and over. I was surprised but SO happy! I was like, “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! This is it! He’s OUTTA HERE!” You see, he hadn’t pissed off the right people yet, I thought. This time, he attacked white women. His racism and bigotry weren’t enough for them to take a stand and use their voices. My mom and I kind of rejoiced. “Thank goodness THAT’S over,” I thought. Then the debates came and I just KNEW that he was out of here, but he wasn’t. 

I planned on watching the election coverage at a friend’s house, but remembered that I needed to be smart and keep my butt at home because, with all of the hatred he’s been spewing for months, this was not the night to be caught outside after sundown. I would scream the results from each state as if my team was winning. Now, I don’t have a political “team”. I’m on “Team Humanity”. As corny as that sounds, that’s where you can find me, running drills and going over plays. When President Barack Obama won, it was similar to this. The results showed him losing and then all of the sudden he won and I cried real tears; tears of joy, love and ultimately hope. I just assumed that’s what I was witnessing again. I eventually fell asleep, hoping that I didn’t understand the election rules and that I’d wake up without the feeling of despair that I had when I fell asleep. I actually woke up to something I never thought about. How will this affect the babies? When I say “babies” I don’t mean actual babies. I’m talking about the girl in elementary school who is scared that sexual assault will now be legal because of who the next president would be, children wondering if their Muslim friends would be deported, the threats and racial slurs that the children encountered just one day after the results came in. 

You see, this was our chance, guys! How could this have happened?! How did we (not me but you know…) elect this racist, misogynist bigot?! How did this happen? And how was the race so close? Is America THAT racist? Unfortunately, I learned that it is. I mean, I knew but I didn’t KNOW. Then I started seeing the “It’s not fair to call me a racist just because I voted for him” status updates and the articles from his supporters declaring that they voted their conscience... which was on the side of racism, bigotry and misogyny. Then it hit me. We can thank the well-meaning racists for this - the ones who aligned themselves with racism, misogyny and bigotry and were ok with it. If you align yourself with hate-speech, eventually you’re going to be seen as hateful. The well-meaning racist isn’t wearing a hood, burning crosses. They’re the ones who voted for a racist, misogynist bigot to run our country. 

They’re pleading for people to handle the results with unity. Umm…were you pleading for that when he was filling your news channels with hate-speech? Did you want peace when that young, black girl was being manhandled at one of his rallies? Did you call for peace and understanding when innocent black people were being shot and killed by paid public servants? If you were silent then, save your tears now. You don’t get to turn your back on all of his racism, misogyny and bigotry and then throw a safety pin on your sweater to pretend to be an ally. If you voted for a racist, stand behind that. Stick your chest out with pride. But don’t you dare cry out for understanding. Well, don’t look for it here because I haven’t got any left. 

“Shallow understanding from people of goodwill is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will.” ― Martin Luther King