To the White Millennials Who Voted For Donald Trump

I thought millennials were supposed to save this county.
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<p>Trump supporters.</p>

Trump supporters.

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Dear White Millennials Who Voted for Trump,

First of all, I wanted to thank you for voting for this monster. Not because I like him, but because you have helped reveal to me that I was so mistaken as to think the majority of white youth were socially progressive. I thought millennials were supposed to be the generation to save this country, yet you all voted for someone who is going to plunge it to the ground.

In my naïve little brain, I never imagined that 48 percent of white people aged 18-29 would vote for a man who based his platform on racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia and so much more. I didn’t think that so many of you would support such hateful Jim Crow-esque views in 2016. Thanks for reminding me that white supremacy and patriarchy are intergenerational traits.

I knew you all have refused to understand why Black Lives Matter or why profits are not worth contaminating Native American water supplies, but I still didn’t think so many of you would actually go through with electing Trump. I thought at the end of the day most of you all would vote with your heart, or just not vote at all. My mistake.

You all are the largest group of millennials who voted for Trump. You are the largest group of millennials who preferred a candidate with rape accusations over the one who could have been the first female president of the United States. You all are the only group of millennials who are actually going to benefit from a Trump victory.

Now I just have a question. Why did you vote for Trump? Because he was going to “improve” the economy? Because he was going to “secure” our borders? Or because you wanted to make sure you would be able to start your career and raise your kids in a society where white skin was all that was needed to be at the top of the social hierarchy?

Whatever your reasoning, I hope you are happy that you played such an important role in helping to elect such as racist demagogue to office.

That black and brown kids will now have to grow up with a president who has made it fashionable to make public acts of outright racism socially acceptable again.

That low income children will lose meals, medication, and their lives with the Republicans’ impending budget cuts to necessary federal aid.

That black bodies who will now have even less protection from systematic killings by police officers.

That Muslim Americans will now be even more harassed and targeted in every aspect of their daily lives for daring to be proud of a beautiful faith American society seeks to solely denigrate.

That LGBTQIA+ individuals will not only face less protection from discrimination, but will continue to have their identities and sexualities dehumanized.

That women are going to have so many of their reproductive rights that have been fought so hard to earn taken away.

That so many immigrants who will never get a chance to come to America to study and get a better life like my African parents did in the 1980s.

That young women like me will have to realize the glass ceiling is made of concrete, and there is a real chance this country will never be progressive enough to elect a woman into the Oval Office in the 21st century.

Well enjoy this Trump victory, while you can. Enjoy your non politically correct jokes while you can because things are just about to pop off. Michelle Obama said, “when they go low, we go high.” Well this country has gone so low, that we are going to have to touch the sky. If you thought millennial “social justice warriors” such as myself were annoying during Obama’s term, grab your red hat and just ready for more organizing than any of your little hearts can bear.

Last but not least, if you are a Trump supporter who somehow still has a presence in my life, do me a favor and leave. Delete me off social media and do not interact with me in any capacity. I will not stand for such toxicity in my life.


A black millennial who has to now be aware that nearly 50 percent of white people my age don’t believe I deserve basic human rights.

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